Surprising Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score is important for achieving your financial goals, such as buying a car or a house. You can build you credit score by taking advantage of some lesser-known, but effective methods. 

First, consider getting a secured credit card. This type of card requires a cash deposit to open an account, but it reports to the three major bureaus and will help you build your credit history over time. Make sure that your payment activity is on your report. 

Second, become an authorized user on someone else’s card. If you have family or friends with good credit scores, ask them if you can become an authorized user on their accounts. Doing this may give you access to the cardholder’s credit history and will improve your own score in most cases. 

Third, don’t forget about rent payments. Most rental companies report positive rental history to the major bureaus, so make sure that your rent payments are being reported. 

Fourth, use automatic bill pay services like AutoPay or similar programs from banks and other financial institutions to make sure bills are paid on time each month – paying all bills on time can have a huge impact on your score over time! 

Finally, remember that you must check your credit reports regularly and correct any errors you find there. Even small inaccuracies can bring down your score significantly. Catching them early and addressing them right away is essential for improving it over time. 

Taking advantage of these surprising methods will go a long way in helping you build up a healthy credit score in no time!