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Weather it is for an engagement, wedding or any other special reason you want a piece of New Zealand jewellery, hand crafted in top quality materials for you or a loved one. Courtney Marama Copyright Courtney Marama Jewellery 2023, All rights reserved. And maybe even a sneaky S A L E. Keep your eyes peeled for. check out this wahines stunning work and give her a 'like' and get sharing for the chance to win some hours with her. Wedding Rings. I can then add you to the appropriate waiting list block and we can arrange the details of your order. When it comes to designing your bespoke commission the more you can share with me the better. Since that metric will show just how much percentage of the audience is actively involved with the content creator content. Can we interest you in slow-cooked Neapolitan ragu or lemon butter gnocchi? 71 upper queen street newton tmaki makaurau auckland 1010 aotearoa new zealand ph (09)373 5446 Here at Courtney Marama Jewellery I pride myself on New Zealand made jewellery and New Zealand sourced materials which means all of the stones used are 100% New Zealand stones. Inspired by her Maori heritage Courtney utilises modern techniques to create this unique range. Which I believe is extremely important in this day and age. Courtney works from a studio in her home outside South Waikato, which she shares with her equally talented partner-in-lapidary (and life) Jonathan Percy, daughter, and dog. I remember thinking. How many followers does Courtney Marama Jewellery have on Instagram? Below is a small selection of custom made ceremonial rings I have hand crafted recently. - Any information about yourself and/or your loved one to give me an idea of who you are. I want a pair of Roimata Earrings, how do I get a pair? All Courtney Marama Jewellery items are handmade. He refuses to sell his stuff to people he doesnt like. My website shop updates sell out quick as I only release a small amount of pieces (one woman band here). Hey guys, I have just updated the website with a bunch of one off Triangle pendants. Explore. So to get a bespoke piece, you will need to apply when applications open up. (Tainui, Ngti Koroki Kahukura, Ngti Ranginui), Courtneys vision here at Courtney Marama Jewellery is to produce high end, modern jewellery in an ethical way and demonstrate a responsible attitude towards the environment and her heritage, Mori culture. New-ish resale platform Omneque, which specialises in not just authenticated antique, vintage, and costume jewellery, but also loose gemstones, has seen enormous interest from young, South East Asian customers wanting to replicate Lady Gaga's 80s Gucci looks (Gaga herself bought an 80s-era Gucci bangle from the site after borrowing it for a London premiere) and even younger Gen Z-ers who understand that the 1980s isn't just the era their elders were born, but an era with some pretty incredible trends to be inspired by. There has been some scamming going around lately and both mine and my partners (Johnathan Percy Stone Art) facebook pages have been targeted. Courtney Maramas long, streamlined earrings, on the other hand, are relatively affordable and made in New Zealand. But if luxury is classified by how hard something is to obtain, then it would be a little watch designed by the house in 1932, its case and strap carved from wood, the drawing of which was exhibited in Milan a few years back. - Date, if you have a wedding or a special event that you need the jewels by. She does this by hand making everything right here in her Waikato studio. Courtney Marama, Waikato, New Zealand. If you follow me on instagram you will know I have been back at the jewellery bench after taking 6 months off for maternity leave. DETAILS: The stones have only passed through no more than three hands to get to you with no mining, no unfair wages, no harsh chemicals (you get the idea) and have come safely from local rivers (or old river beds) and beaches here in New Zealand. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Pinterest. Luxury today seems to be, for many consumers, based on the brand stamped on the product. Also, one last thing. Tui Emma Gillies & Sulieti Fieme'a Burrows, Visit us at 71 Upper Queen Street, Newton, Coromandel Agatised Wood Cigar float, 2022. Then I go through all the applications and find the pieces that speak to me the most. I am able to create unique shapes in the precious stones such as Pounamu and fit them perfectly into a piece of jewellery. I will let you know either way if you got a spot or not and I completely understand you may feel a little let down if you don't get in. or Using ONLY New Zealand stones cut by me From there she learnt about stones and carving which lead her to be self taught in lapidary/faceting. You can reply to this email or send an email direct to What is the price range of your work? It is best to know your ring size before hand, as each ring is made to a specific size. That way, youll be able to compare and decided on the right collaborator who will be suitable for your business. Log In. Following is all the details you will need to give you the smoothest online purchasing experience because I know these are investment pieces. See more ideas about style, fashion, bohemian diesel. Log In. BESPOKE ORDERS 2022 + 2023 They could be my designs or a stone shape you have seen else where that you are inspired by or any other design inspiration you may have to give me an idea of the style/shape/design you are after. Marama Jewellery Oct 2014- Present8 years 3 months Cambridge, New Zealand Creative Director, Jeweler, designer, stylist, social media manager. As much as I love working on precious bespoke orders I also need to fill my creative cup in other ways so I am hoping to have some other bits and pieces available on my website from time to time. They have made fake pages, to look EXACTLY like our pages, have posted our images to make it look legit. I don't have any lay-buy services on my website. I will look at opening orders again towards the end of the year to book in for 2022. READ: The Luxury World Is Having Its Makeover Montage Moment. (For a tip, my favourite metal to work in is 18k yellow gold and my favourite stone to work with is Carnelian) But I will choose a range of different things. I am able to create unique shapes in the precious stones such as Pounamu and fit them perfectly into a piece of jewellery. Quantity. I am not taking any further bookings at this stage. Please note that the product must be returned unused, NO SCRATCHES, dents or other nasty things. However, to better understand how a particular account performs or, in this case, @courtney_marama_jewellery instagram works, its vital to be focusing on the level of engagement, not just Courtney Marama Jewellery most liked Instagram post. I am not taking a waiting list for 2022 as it books up too quickly and I prefer to just work year by year. Q U O T E S , M E T A L + D E T A I L S. Once we have a design and have confirmed the ring sizing we can work together to choose a precious metal that works with your budget. But if a million other people are buying exactly the same gold bangle as you, is that really luxury? "I believe we need to truly respect our materials that come from Papatuanuku.. I hope you are enjoying these warmer days as we head into summer and as always, thank you for being a part of my journey and supporting my mahi. Courtney Marama Jewellery Updates for 2022 Kia ora, I want to give you a small rundown of what will be happening in the world of jewellery for me this year because it will be slightly different to normal, so please bear with me. I'll start with Bespoke Orders. Thats why jewellery, in even its most diminutive, modest form a demure, sterling silver Tiffany & Co. pendant bought for a clueless 22-year-old Kiwi, for example has value. What is the engagement rate of Courtney Marama Jewellerys Instagram Account? The first release will be Roimata earrings, Roimata pendants and Tapatoru pendants, the second release will be ceremonial rings. Handmade by Courtney Marama Jamieson, Marama jewellery is ethically produced and responsible to the environment. I have just published my first blog post about why I use ONLY New Zealand gemstones and have. The audience size of courtney_marama_jewellery is 9K followers. Name * First Name Last Name As always, thank you for your continued support. Join our mailing list Stay up to date with news and events from Masterworks Gallery Subscribe Follow us You May Also Like Cross Ring Melted Ring All one of a kind pieces. Its an endlessly copied formula by every big-name brand seen on Bond Street and Madison Avenue a repeated motif, coloured hardstones, a smattering of diamonds but its a successful one. Here is a couple of bespoke rings from last week. If you would like to return an item - you are entitled to an exchange or store credit, you must return the purchased item within 14 days. Website Shop Update. Stay up to date with news and events from Masterworks Gallery, Phone +64 9 373 544671 Upper Queen StreetNewton,Auckland 1010(off street parking at the door)Open Wed-Sat 10am-4pm. Then we had Covid and lockdowns. The woven fibres of the ancient Egyptians only stick around (and barely) if theyve been embalmed, otherwise they turn to dust like everything else. If you haven't heard from me, check your spam folder or feel free to bump your email back through to me to let me know you are still keen and I can keep you on the short (but long) list for if someone pulls out. Anita Turner, whered you get that white dress? Courtney Jamieson (her brand name is Courtney Marama) makes jewellery exclusively from minerals found in Aotearoa pounamu, carnelian, agate and obsidian which she carves herself and sets in. Because there arelimited spaces and a lot of people keen, it won't be as simple as first in first served so don't worry if you don't find this email straight away. As always, thank you for your continued support. The list doesnt end there, as there are a lot of other essential metrics. Herere Instagram account statistics for courtney_marama_jewellery. International shipping is available. Courtney Marama FROM PAPATNUKU TO YOUR RING I pride myself on New Zealand gemstones and that is all that you will find here in my jewellery. Now, its vintage pieces designed for Tiffany & Co. by Angela Cummings in the 1980s that make my heart stop. I am lucky to have both myself and my partner, Johnnyworking from home so she is always at home with us living the creative, country life. I breathed in the dust of the mother of pearl as it was being carved. Enter the very famous, mock tudor building that is Liberty of London, and one of the busiest spots in the entire department store is the one selling antique charms. I am happy to do re-sizes but that would mean you probably wouldn't receive your ring this year,It would be in January. As much as there is demand for my bespoke pieces I very much like to work in my own way and make other pieces as well. Visit us at 71 Upper Queen Street, Newton Phone us on +64 9 373 5446 Home Artists Ceramics All Kate Fitzharris Stevei Houkmau Andy Kingston Chester Nealie John Parker Richard Parker Hana Rakena John Roy Aaron Scythe Katherine Smyth Christine Thacker Estate of Ann Verdcourt Mystery Creek Ceramics Glass All Galia Amsel The new breed of jewellery brands seem to know what theyre doing with their marketing strategies. Everything that somehow concerns such questions as how much does Courtney Marama Jewellery make per instagram post, story, or even whats Courtney Marama Jewellery net worth - can be freely reviewed in our full report. Slow-cooked jackfruit and eggplant thats excellent served over rice, Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour: A love story in clothes, 20 pasta dishes that are carby, comforting and delicious, Everything you need to know about the 2023 Met Gala, The coolest looks of the week, from Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie to Rihanna, Retail therapy: Pop-ups galore, coveted clogs and a lingerie liaison to make time for. There are 19 rings and 2 pendants. All one of a kind pieces in Sterling Silver and 9k gold, Pounamu and Carnelian. So I thought I would start sharing some more insights into my work about how and why I do what I do. Wednesday 8th December at 7pm NZT Exclusivity or the air of it does wonders for boosting desirability. @courtney_marama_jewellery Instagram follower count is currently at 9K followers. Ng mihi nui, The raw materials already speak for themselves, Papatnuku has done most of the work. Watch. Transforming the raw stone into a perfectly cut and polished gemstone in which I then delicately hand-craft the metal to set the stone. MATERNITY LEAVE The report will show the number of real people and influencers, the percentage of mass followers and suspicious accounts. I want a pair of Roimata Earrings, how do I get a pair? 1,546 following. Easy ways to tend to those flyaways while they grow out. Yes, I am hapu with my second baby andam due at the end of July so I will be heading on maternity leave mid July. Licenses & Certifications Advanced Diploma in Art. Kia ora, One reader asks, do you ever get to eat just for fun? Stay up to date with news and events at the Masterworks Gallery. That will show how much impact an influencer can potentially make upon promoting or advertising a specific product via their Instagram account. On that note Working 3 days a week with only my own two hands, I can't keep up. Log In You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list. When I last lived in New Zealand in the early noughties, a sterling silver heart-shaped pendant by Tiffany & Co. was a birthday gift so bewilderingly fancy I could barely bring myself to wear it outside my crappy flat. - If you haven't made contact before, you can simply reply to this email.

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