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I have been looking for this cookie everywhere in all kind of stores. Look at all the comments! Why don't you tell the show the stores these comments or do a contest like m&m did when they allowed the public to choose the color. I loved those cookies and just got online only to find out they don't make them anymore. PLEASE, PLEASE, Please bring back the best cookie everthe opera creme cookie!!!! I have sat here and read all the comments going back to 2010 about these cookies. Packaged Baked Goods Packaged Cookies Keebler Classic Collection Chocolate Fudge Creme Cookies each Buy now at Instacart 100% satisfaction guarantee Place your order with peace of mind. They were my all time favorite when I was a kid. Keebler is a classic American brand, founded in 1853 and widely credited as the first confectioner to fortify their treats with real elf meat. PLEASE!!!!! Offer expires on the date indicated in the users account settings or displayed in the offer promotion. ANYHOW, I'M 73, AND STILL THINK IT WAS A PERFECT COOKIE. And perhaps our world would be just a tiny bit happier if they were to come back. You couldn't walk 10 feet without tripping over a red velvet cupcake, body spray, or scented candle. Growing up in the 60's in North Carolina, I could eat Opera Cremes for breakfast , lunch and dinner. The answer was no. We've got seasonal treats, savory bites and unique creations you can't find anywhere else. We suggest trying Keebler Coconut Dreams cookies and are sending you a coupon to use towards the purchase . With sincere, upmost respect - PLEASE bring them back. But there never is. Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie Snack Packs, 24 pk. After eating a few of the lights, I decided they were the best. Please bring back the opera cream cookie. Try them! Marshmallow filling sandwiched between two soft graham cracker, cake-like cookies, covered in chocolate (or other flavors, like mint, banana, lemon, salted caramel, and vanilla), they're the kind of treat that never goes out of style. Because you couldn't eat a Nabisco Giggles cookie without bursting into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. If you do not like some form of chocolate chip or oreo's your options are very limited. You will not regret bringing OPERA CREAME BACK. This is a fanmade page, i dont have anything to do with keebler. It's always great to hear from consumers who are trying to find our products because it lets us know how much you enjoy them. The crunch version seems to have disappeared from store shelves over the past few years, sadly. It has been years and I still miss those cookie, Im 46 years old and every time i go down the cookie aile I reminisce about those cookies! Likely named for the Girl Scouts founderJuliette Gordon Low, whose nickname was "Daisy," the first iteration of the Juliettes lasted from 1984 to 1985. These cookies, popular in the 1980s, were sort of like vanilla Oreos, but they had smiling faces on them and had both vanilla and chocolate fillings. How can a company refuse to produce a product so well liked? So what country is the opera creme cookie residing in? We know it will be hard to find a replacement, but we are always developing new products so we are sure you will soon find another favorite! Those Opera Cremes were the absolute best cookies ever ever ever ever created. these cookies had a flavor like no other. Luckily, there are some truly dedicated Magic Middles stans out there putting in the hard work on social media to try to get these magical cookies back on our shelves. WE WANT COOKIES!!!! Opera creme cookies were the best and they should brought back!! When my husband started dating around the time they discontinued them 93' and he went to all the grocery stores in our area and bought them all for me. If you call yourself a fan of the pigmented cake, then these were the cookies for you. There has not been another cookie so good as the Opera Cremes. i just couldnt find a fan page for these cookies so i made one. I would carefully lift the top offmof a cookie somthenlittle bumps of icing that went intomthenholes on the top would still be there. I haven't found another Keebler cookie that I like since these were discontinued! I used to buy a bag every week. Come on Keebler, bring them back. Probably not what the Girl Scouts had in mind when they named and developed this seemingly forgettable cookie. I can still taste the taste in my mind. which in this day would i think be creating a blog that everybody that typed Keebler Opera Cremes would see and could add their signiture or something to so we could get thousands of "customers" present and send to Keebler. Opera Cream Cookies are (were) hands down the best cookie ever made. I've never heard of these, or can't place them to the name anyway. If you are really interested in getting Keebler to make these delicious cookies again. These cookies were my whole familys favorite. I completely dont agree with Keebler that low sales caused them to. please bring back the opera cream cookies they were the best,they also had some chocolate ones that had chocolate in the middle they were also great. For me, this was just the. GET BUSY AND START MAKING THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!! Why did keebler discontinue chocolate fudge sandwich cookies. Best cookie ever!! I remember this cookie. What else can we do to get you to make them for us again? Shortbread cookies topped with strawberry jam, cinnamon crumbles, and drizzled with icing, the Iced Berry Piatas resembled a classic Danish pastry, but in cookie form. Not a cookies now to even compare opera cream to. From there, the bakery became part of the United Biscuit Company of America in 1926 and continued to grow. BRING BACK THE OPERA CREME COOKIES. Chocolate chip or fudge? Ernie and the others are said to live in the Hollow Tree in fictional Sylvan Glenn. Keebler Cookies; Cookies; 100 Calorie Healthy Packs; Food Gifts; Gifts for the Thanksgiving Host; Butter Cookies; We'd love to hear what you think! I can still see the package and would alternate eating the vanilla and the chocolate. Please make it again. No, Keebler elves do not really make cookies. I look forward to the day that this generation is introduced to these FABULOUS cookies. So many times I have thought about Keebler's delicious Opera Creme cookies. Just long enough for us to experience that taste once more. Please they were soon delicious you can't just eat 2 and have a Cold glass of milk . SO DO MY SIBLINGS, AND THE CHILDREN. Kidding, of course. ELVES , DittoDittoDitto. I INTRODUCE THEM TO MY DAUGHTER WHEN SHE A LITTLE GIRL AND SHE STILL REMEMBER HOW GOOD THEY WERE. Please bring them back! Do you remember that, or is it just me. I thought i was the only one that still remember and crave these cookies, but i now have discovered there are more people. I contacted Keebler a year or so ago regarding making Opera Creme cookies again. 4 Sunshine Lemon Coolers Shutterstock LETS Go!!! Opera Cream cookies were the best. These classic cookies are the perfect addition to Christmas gift bags or other holiday gift-giving treats for family, friends, or co-workers. PLEASE ADDRESS THESE COMMENTS TO THE "EXECUTIVES" AND DON'T LET THEM JUST SIT DECORATING THE WEBSITE. I agree no other cookie can come close. YUM.I miss my grandparents AND Opera Cream cookies!!!!! Will you please bring back the opera cream cookies? Lunchables might have been an iconic DIY schoolyard meal from the '90s, but theLunchables Cookies 'n Frosting packs have remained popular up until recently. I miss Opera Cremes like crazy! Sandies Classic Shortbread Rich, crispy shortbread cookies that'll melt in your mouth with every bite. All Rights Reserved. I even asked Vermont Country Store to bring them back through Keebler. I loved those Opera Cream cookies Ijust was wondering what happened to them I still be looking for them in stores never knew why they stopped making them best cookies ever made if they came back would they taste the same thank you Keebler for the best cookies ever Im 65 now and Ive asked about them and know one remembers but me I guess, Like everyone else these were my favorite cookies. Have had Opera Creams on my mind. The group currently has over 900 likes, and urges its followers to call Keebler and ask for that "radical grub" to be reinstated. There is a phone number and an address on their website. I do remember your Fudge Sandwich Cookies and Frosted Oatmeal cookies. Opera Cremes were also my favorite cookie growing up. Yessss! There have been plenty of petitions to bring the Magic back, but none have succeeded yet. They have worst cookies they could have got rid of. Seems like if we bombarded them with our pleas, they would consider putting them back on the market - if only for a limited time. What a treat, especially with milk. I promise you, they taste exactly like the Keebler vanilla opera cookies. How could I not comment? Please consider bringing them back. I knew Keebler had sold the opera creme cookie years ago. Please be assured that your wish to have this product back on store shelves has been shared with the appropriate department. PLEASE BRING BACK THE CHOCOLATE FUDGE SANDWICH COOKIES, THEY WAS SO GOOD. 1 / 18 Taste of Home Inspired By: Oreos They did make a brief return in 2022, but only as a giveaway. This cookie was part of my childhood. Yum Yums sure do sound groovy, baby, but unfortunately, Sunshine Biscuits was sold to Keebler back in 1996, so it seems the days of the Yum Yums are truly behind us (via The New York Times). Please bring them back to us. I wish they would bring them back. 2023 Minute Media - All Rights Reserved, havent hurt the Girl Scouts sales though. I read most of these postings, but no one ever mentioned eating the most wonderful cookie in the whole world with a good ole cup of coffeeand no one mentioned eating them on the Blue Ridge Parkway in either Virginia or North Carolina. Now, particularly now a cookie as was the Opera Creme, that pleased adult palate would appeal and please the adult population to the extent it be hard to keep them on the store shelves. But much like McDonald's attempt to sell pizza in 1989 or Taco Bell's misguided seafood salad offering in 1986, sometimes when you swing, you miss. Sadly, they were not long for this world. Instead of the soft baked middle of the original Moon Pie. They were discontinued when Keebler bought up the maker, Sunshine. I even e-mailed the company asking where I could find them. come on!!!! Oh what a treat that was. ( a win win situation) KEEBLER, if you wont bring Opera Cremes back into stores will you at least make them available to purchase online? I have been craving opera cremes for years now. Best cookies ever. Theyre the perfect snack to sweeten up any day! Hi, My husband and I were talking about how good the Opera Cream cookies used to be and I started craving them. However, there are some who still clamor for their return, and there's evena Facebook page dedicated to reviving the snack. But then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Juliettes made a shocking comeback in 1993 as a completely reimagined cookie. I've tried finding them on line everywhere. Burry's Biscuits' manufacturing plant was a quarter-mile-long factory filling Elizabeth, New Jersey, with the sweet smell of cookies for decades. These were my favorite cookie to. BRING THEM BACK PLEASE. Please bring those OPERA CREAMS and FUDGE CREME cookies back for a limited time.Those were the best cookies simply my favorites. A decadent balance of sweet coconut and rich chocolate, these extra-thick chocolate chip cookies are a specialty of our Keebler ElvesTMwith Chocolate in Every Bite!. So half the battle right there! they are foolish not to consider bringing them back for both a new audience and all of us who loved them. My Mom did not buy them because they were expensive with four kids and a bad would not have lasted 2 hours. Biscuits Packaging. I thought I was the number one fan of Opera Crme cookies. I, too, miss the Opera Creams. Chips Deluxe Dipped DUOS Keebler Fudge cookies are the best of both worlds. I have also been craving these cookies. These would sell again. Fudge Stripes Minis Dip'mmms bring you the delicious taste of s'mores without that messy campfire. Thanks for your time and considerations! Only one I would buy on "treat" day. Sweet Phyllis is right. I miss these cookies and they are my favorite!!!! Please bring them back. LOVE FOR THEM TO COME BACK. There were two flavors, one row of each: one was a chocolate sandwich cookie with vanilla lemon creme and the other was a vanilla cookie with vanilla lemon creme. Need to contact grocery stores and pitch the great idea of putting these cookies back on the shelf space again!!! Theyve been baked to perfection for a big vanilla taste in every bite. After the chocolate chip cookies my mother made and baked,Opera Cremes were her favorites. I remember sucking the creme thru the holes of the cookie!! But the Nabisco Giggles also had a gimmick: Each cookie had a (slightly creepy) smiley face cut into them. When my son was a toddler he would call them Mommy cookies. These fan-favorite s'mores crackers featured a chocolate, marshmallow-flavored filling sandwiched between its classic buttery crackers. I remember my Grandmother always keeping a bag of them, and I could only get a couple. Those were some of the best cookies. Please bring back. Im in the grocery business and you don't know how many people have ask about opera creme cookies through the years. I have to listen to my husband harp about Opera Creme cookies every time we go to the grocery store together. I found some chocolate cookies and some lemon cookies on Amazon that are almost exactly the same as the Opera Creme if you use a knife to scrape off all of the icing and switch chocolate to the lemon and lemon to the chocolate. I was shocked to see this blog! A delightful anytime dessert snack; enjoy with an ice-cold glass of milk or cup of hot coffee or tea. I received Opera Creme Cookies as a Valentine's Day gift in 1992. Please Please Please bring these back, they were the best. Come on Keebler! Never could decide which color was the best. I quit buying Keebler products because I e-maled the company and ask why they didnt bring the opera cremes back and they said stores only wanted fast selling products !! What blockhead at Keebler thinks that is even similar? Demand for the cafeteria stalwart has increased as kids have returned to school, leading to empty shelves across the country. Please and thank you. OMG! Indulge today. Those Opera Cookies were the Best! My dad used to buy them religiously and wed share em and watch cartoons on Saturdays I was telling my kids about the greatest cookie ever over thanksgiving break!! I miss them so much! Lunchables are pretty much an iconic lunch box meal from the '90s, and the cookies and frosting packs enjoyed the same success. Chips Deluxe Dipped DUOS Keebler Fudge cookies are the best of both worlds. Its amazing how many folks loved and still LOVE Opera Creme cookies. Sounds like heaven, but apparently offering something for both vanilla and chocolate lovers in one box wasn't enough to keep these cookies around forever. Please bring them back, I haven't eaten them since I was a kid and loved them. Instructions. I just bought preps with lemon center kinda close bit nothing like the real deal. Sometimes I'd get really lucky and choose the bag with 2 columns of vanilla and 1 column of chocolate. 2023 The Ferrero Group. What happen? I love these cookies. No other cookie can compare with any of the 3 flavors Keebler produced. IS THERE A STORY BEHIND THE OPERA CREAM COOKIE! Please Keebler, bring them back. Thank You. Only available from 1979 to 1981, these cookies, baked by Little Brownie Bakers, were marketed as an "old-fashioned" oatmeal raisin cookie that also contained granola. Don,t you? As a child my brother and I loved Opera Creme!! EXPLORE RECIPES Take a peek at our variety of sizes! Put a chocolate top on the lemon cream bottom. I remember sneeking them to my great grandmother whenno one else would let her have them its was always our little secret. My favorite cookie as a kid was the Keebler Opera Creme cookies and still is to this day. I don't understand it! And as the commercial from the early '90s points out, they were "a work of genius." I have been searching for them recently and remembered how great they were. "The smell and taste of gingerbread instantly evokes memories of the holiday season, and our new Keebler Gingerbread Fudge Stripes cookies expand the Keebler portfolio with a delicious flavor option for small . The people demand variety, and we demand more Van'Chos! I always knew Opera Creme Cookies as "Grandma's Cookies." I think it would be worth a try. it could totally work. I love these cookies. I also grew up loving Opera Creme cookies. I CRAVE THAT COOKIE ALL THE TIME PLEASE BRING IT BACK. The most delicious cookie ever. Yum Yums were coconut caramel chocolate cookie bars made by a brand called Sunshine Biscuits, and they were popular in the 1970s (via Phoenix New Times). my husband and I loved these things. Sandwich cookies still sell..but none compare to OC's Oreo has made so many types of Oreos..none as good ..when is Keebler gonna get back in the game! Burger King, after successfully bringing back Chicken Fries,is bringing back the "Yumbo" sandwich after a 40 year hiatus - - - "Customers have been asking about the Yumbo for years, and Burger King decided it was time to bring the sandwich back," said Eric ##########, chief marketing officer for North America. Thanks for posting! You will see that there is a market for them, Just like everybody else who has commented these were part of our growing up. WOW! YES PLEASE bring them back. All Rights Reserved. Nothing comes close. seriously we need to star a letter writing campain. Theres just not much we can post about a discontinued product that looks like itll never get brought back even though it completely baffles us all! Ernie . They were soooooo good. But for the true Moon Pie fanatic, there is still a plethora of other Moon Pie products available to you, like Moon Pie candles, a Moon Pie rug, or even a Moon Pie lip balm, in case you need that sweet Moon Pie taste on your lips at all times. Chocolate Chip Cookies Image. A bag never lasted a day in our home. No passport, no problem. Those were the only cookies I ate! Give the public what they want bring back opera creme!! It would turn any bad day into a great one! !I have been thinking about them a lot but realizing they had been discontinued.I live in a small town from where I lived as a child and thought maybe they just didn't carry them around children and grandchildren have never had the enjoyment of having these cookies #sad!I on the other hand am sent straight back to my childhood just thinking about them! Sign it and share it please! someday! I was a little kid in the late '60s and my gramps always had Opera Cremes in Princeton NC. It's what the cookies would have wanted. Surprised when I saw all these comments about the cookie my wife and I were discussing today. stealth cam fusion booster antenna,

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